Love in the Time of Corona

This post is an Ode to the Love that Makes Life Possible. 

  • I love my family.
  • I love my mother, and her mother.
  • I love the Love that makes Life Possible. 
  • I love Presentism.
  • I love Brasil, a holy land.
  • I love the Open Canvas.
  • I love Radical Love.
  • I love the Love that Makes Life Possible. 

I am in Kenya, presently - my last blog post on here was about a $338 roundtrip ticket that I got to the Seychelles. First comes the flight deal, then comes Corona, then comes Neema leaving the airport during her layover in Nairobi and not going on board for the last leg to Mahé, because I would rather be with my family during the bio-apocalypse, than be on an emerald beach by myself. 

I traveled to Brazil in the end of February - a sort of self-imposed wellness retreat which bore more spiritual fruits than I can fit into this post.  #Presentism2020 is the divine intervention that brought Taj Alexander and I together in Rio de Janeiro for the recording of this podcast. Never in my life have I met someone with such mastery of the art of conversation. The gentleness and wisdom that Taj leads with made this one of the most internally transformative interview experiences I’ve ever had - I am eternally grateful for the space to be this vulnerable about my art, health & purpose. 

I also spent some time in Salvador, Bahia—the Bay of All Saints. Bahia is heaven on earth. It is the place you decide to go when it feels like there is nothing left on Earth for you to see. It is a place to visit, to fall in love, but not a place to stay if you are hyper-empathetic to the past. The slaves will haunt you. You will smoke too much tobacco, eat too much sugar, drink extra cafe in the mornings, and be haunted by the images that come to you as a result. A walking, talking audiovisual immersion. I pray, and long for the day I return. 

Until then, I will be here in Kenya. Thinking about Love. Writing about Love. And curating resources to help others do the same. Below is a guide I put together for all of us fighting to stay sane in the time of Corona. It is a compilation of resources from the Radical Love Patreon, Instagram, and a range of resources about Octavia Butler. I’ve excerpted it below for convenience, but here is the link to the full Google document <3



Octavia Butler was a prophetic author and visionary - her scripture has put words to some of my deepest aches, and healed the hearts of many. In Parable of the Sower, she foreshadows the 2020s as a time of “collapse”. Below is the summary of the novel, as well as the first piece of prose written in it. 

“The odyssey of one woman who is twice as feeling in a world that has become doubly dehumanized. The time is 2025; the place is California, where small walled communities must protect themselves from desperate hordes of scavengers and roaming bands of drug addicts. When one such community is overrun, Lauren Olamina, an 18-year-old black woman, sets off on foot, moving north along the dangerous coastal highways. Lauren is a “sharer,” one who suffers from hyperempathy – the ability to feel others’ pain as well as her own.”

Journaling Activity:

    • Shaping Change: What is one thing that has Changed you? And how do you hope to Change it in return?

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