Flight Deals and Fare Hacks for the Presentist Traveler

A few months ago, a close friend of mine looked at me and asked “why aren’t planes public transportation?” and that question has been in the back of my mind ever since. 

Financial inaccessibility is a core factor that stops people from traveling — sky-high ticket prices being just one of the many structural (and intentional) barriers to our free mobility.  Having a deep desire to travel, but bound by financial constraints, much of my own travel has been accomplished through being creative and resourceful in my trip research, including familiarizing myself with the loopholes of the flights market. One of my greatest travel ‘hacks’ is flight deal platforms: specifically,

This page regularly features surreal fares to and from every continent - below are some highlights. 

Back in November, I stumbled upon what just might be the best flight deal I have ever come across: a roundtrip ticket from New York to the Seychelles, for $335. Yes - you read that right!! For those who don’t know, the Seychelles is a small island nation in the Indian Ocean, to the Northaest coast of Madagascar. Fares to the Seychelles are usually well above $1300. 

However, finding the deal is half the hustle. The other half - and the half that is usually more challenging - is acting on the deal. Now, of course, you have to have disposable income. And sometimes it’s not necessarily the most responsible idea to book without having other plans lined up. 

But you have to be willing to decide, within a few hours of seeing a deal, whether you are going to act on it. That is where Presentism comes into play. 

Presentism is leading with your intuition. Presentism is courage to venture towards the unknown. Presentism is saying yes to the blessings that present themselves to you. 

Today, I came across what I hope can help bring someone reading this one step closer towards home: a roundtrip fare from New York to Puerto Rico for $107 (!) with dozens of flexible/eligible dates between January and March.

The goal of Presentism Travel is to facilitate travel that 1. connects people to their lineage and 2. familiarizes travelers with the history + current struggles of Black and Indigenous people. With that in mind, I encourage anyone who’s reading to share this post with their Boricuan friends who haven’t been home in a long time,  need to check in with their families, or want to connect with their other communities on the ground. 

Do you have spare income but not the time to travel? Consider gifting this ticket to someone you love! 

Travel should not be a luxury - we all deserve the right to return to our homelands, on our terms. 

Book a consultation session today to get more detailed guidance with navigating flight deals. And don’t hesitate to share & pay it forward if any of these tips help you plan your next trip :) 

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